Chucksports. PART I

2nd of May, 2015

The concept was simple. Two players spout-off answers to a question asked by a host with a sports almanac. The first person that gives an incorrect answer loses. The concept’s first public appearance was sometime in the early 2000’s as a browser based game named Chucksports. Played by sports fanatics, their ultimate goal was to

Some DOTA Cinema + Shirt design updates.

17th of March, 2015

There has been a bit of detail in the DC logo I created a few months ago that has been nagging me. The flamelets atop the skull seem haphazardly placed, scaled, and angled. So I went back and came up with some flamelets that followed a flow and felt integrated with the logo design. I

The Running Man.

18th of April, 2014

Finally an animation I am content with. The next step is to add a jump, and a sprint then tinker with Unity3d 3rd person controllers! I can’t wait to be able to build up an environment and then run around in it.

Round 2 Icon Generation

25th of March, 2014

Bit of an update. Fixed some geometry and found a pleasing render set up. Next, sketch out the target visual, and match it in the 3d space. Research e-commerce set-ups and see which would work well.

Round 1 Icon Generation

9th of March, 2014

Created some 3d models at high-poly counts to use as base assets for game icons. I am creating a very generic but polished style/subject line so that the end product is a batch of versatile icons that can be sold to fellow game-devs. More to come. Going to add some colors and tweak the materials.

Edge Loops!

2nd of March, 2014

I went about creating my 3d model in a way I thought might work, and would allow me to get away with a very simple, low poly geometry. I was wrong. The model shown below cannot be rigged and animated with out completely screwing up in some poses. So after trying to rig my 3d

Messege in a Bottle

16th of February, 2014

Vray test rendering. Learning the physical camera and vraySun elements. Took longer than I’d like to admit, materials were a pain in the butt.