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Chucksports. Part III.

21st of January, 2017

Asset creation to help market Chucksports. As you might be able to tell, Chucksports hit an untimely demise due to work and life becoming hectic for the both of us. But I think writing about and showing what we had planned for marketing could be cool. Part of why we and many others like Charles

Personal Branding Post Mortem

2nd of January, 2014

Earlier in 2013 I had the opportunity to work with a friend to develop his personal brand so that he would have a hot business card to give away at GDC. His name is Graham, and he’s an AI and Systems engineer. In order to efficiently use my time developing a representative logo for Graham,

License 2 Beard

2nd of July, 2013

A friend of mine, Alvin, approached me with the desire to make a game about having a beard license. Something which you used to have back in the day because some mean guy thought facial hair was distasteful. To mock previously mentioned mean guy, Alvin and I created License 2 Beard. A side-scrolling runner in

Mini Characters part II

30th of June, 2013

I’ve had the opportunity to do some sketching for fun while waiting for other things to catch up. I quite like the results, and I think it’s time to take action. I enjoy making the sketches because I am learning more and more each sketch and I enjoy putting together these characters. In the last post you saw some of the original sketches, here are some updated sketches which are coming along.



Let’s take some action! I can continue to create stacks of the sketches and numerous characters. If my goal were to create some sort of side-income from these sketches, what are my options?

Mini-Character Sketches

18th of June, 2013

Did a few sketches while at work rendering some 3d stuff (It demands all of my computer resources it seems). I’ve needed a creative outlet at work recently, so these were nice to do. Inspired by Mini Ninja’s by Io Interactive. It could be cool to develop this style a bit more and consider using