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Chucksports. Part III.

21st of January, 2017

Asset creation to help market Chucksports. As you might be able to tell, Chucksports hit an untimely demise due to work and life becoming hectic for the both of us. But I think writing about and showing what we had planned for marketing could be cool. Part of why we and many others like Charles

Some DOTA Cinema + Shirt design updates.

17th of March, 2015

There has been a bit of detail in the DC logo I created a few months ago that has been nagging me. The flamelets atop the skull seem haphazardly placed, scaled, and angled. So I went back and came up with some flamelets that followed a flow and felt integrated with the logo design. I

Personal Branding Post Mortem

2nd of January, 2014

Earlier in 2013 I had the opportunity to work with a friend to develop his personal brand so that he would have a hot business card to give away at GDC. His name is Graham, and he’s an AI and Systems engineer. In order to efficiently use my time developing a representative logo for Graham,