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Chucksports. Part III.

21st of January, 2017

Asset creation to help market Chucksports. As you might be able to tell, Chucksports hit an untimely demise due to work and life becoming hectic for the both of us. But I think writing about and showing what we had planned for marketing could be cool. Part of why we and many others like Charles

Chucksports. PART II

16th of May, 2015

Defining the visual style of Chucksports While Chris and I were making mock ups and wireframes we were not concerned about the visual style. We wanted to get features in fast to make sure they worked well. Once the number of features going into the game slowed, and the time spent bug fixing went up,

Chucksports. PART I

2nd of May, 2015

The concept was simple. Two players spout-off answers to a question asked by a host with a sports almanac. The first person that gives an incorrect answer loses. The concept’s first public appearance was sometime in the early 2000’s as a browser based game named Chucksports. Played by sports fanatics, their ultimate goal was to

Some DOTA Cinema + Shirt design updates.

17th of March, 2015

There has been a bit of detail in the DC logo I created a few months ago that has been nagging me. The flamelets atop the skull seem haphazardly placed, scaled, and angled. So I went back and came up with some flamelets that followed a flow and felt integrated with the logo design. I

License 2 Beard

2nd of July, 2013

A friend of mine, Alvin, approached me with the desire to make a game about having a beard license. Something which you used to have back in the day because some mean guy thought facial hair was distasteful. To mock previously mentioned mean guy, Alvin and I created License 2 Beard. A side-scrolling runner in

Mini-Character Sketches

18th of June, 2013

Did a few sketches while at work rendering some 3d stuff (It demands all of my computer resources it seems). I’ve needed a creative outlet at work recently, so these were nice to do. Inspired by Mini Ninja’s by Io Interactive. It could be cool to develop this style a bit more and consider using

Steam Summer Sale 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2013

10th of June, 2013

I have never bought a game during the Steam Summer Sale. I have a backlog of games I “just HAVE to play” that stretches longer than a 5 year old’s Christmas list. However, there are a few games that I have had my eye on and if the price is right, I will scoop up. What’s