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Redesigning an Inventory.

15th of April, 2017

A few weeks ago I took a stab at redesigning the inventory system presented in Divinity: Original Sin. A quick bit about the game. It’s an RPG, Turn-based, Tactical game with tons of depth and an amazing amount of opportunity for creative problem solving in and out of battles. You can play alone, with a

Glitterdeep UI Style polish

19th of June, 2016

To ship our alpha, I worked on creating a rough UI Skin to apply to the game’s UI. I wanted it to feel heavy, simple, and crafted. I wanted to use wood, steel, and dwarven motifs that we can often see in fantasy settings. The reason I liked the idea of a crafted + material

Victory! Screen

21st of May, 2016

Hey! My first post that include day-job work! We’ve been in soft launch for a while, and figured it’s fine to post this sort of stuff now. As we move nearer to hard launch, a lot of the features are wrapping up, and I’m spending more time polishing existing screens to make them a bit


15th of May, 2016

Just a quick post of some Goblin sketches for Glitterdeep. Ended up working towards a style a little less severe than the goblins sketched in the 2nd image.

Making an entrance

30th of April, 2016

In Ruins of Glitterdeep, the player scrolls down on their screen to descend into a great, ancient dwarven mine. As they scroll they are presented mine entrances which will act as the ‘mission nodes’. When tapped, the entrances allow the player to enter the mines and recover ancient dwarven treasures. Here’s an early sketch of

Dwarf Model

24th of April, 2016

Have miner update! (lol) Got the model unwrapped and rendered. I really like putting all my models on Sketchfab. It’s a pretty awesome website. Most of the stuff is placeholder stuff I put ingame, other are WIPs, and this guy’s a little combo of both. He’s the main character, so I will most likely be

Chucksports. PART II

16th of May, 2015

Defining the visual style of Chucksports While Chris and I were making mock ups and wireframes we were not concerned about the visual style. We wanted to get features in fast to make sure they worked well. Once the number of features going into the game slowed, and the time spent bug fixing went up,

Chucksports. PART I

2nd of May, 2015

The concept was simple. Two players spout-off answers to a question asked by a host with a sports almanac. The first person that gives an incorrect answer loses. The concept’s first public appearance was sometime in the early 2000’s as a browser based game named Chucksports. Played by sports fanatics, their ultimate goal was to