Asset creation to help market Chucksports.

As you might be able to tell, Chucksports hit an untimely demise due to work and life becoming hectic for the both of us. But I think writing about and showing what we had planned for marketing could be cool.

Part of why we and many others like Charles Barkley so much is his personality. He’s a very confident, competitive and boisterous person who says the craziest things when mic’d up. I collected a few quotes of his that I found were amusing even without the conversation the quote was apart of, and wrote them elegantly on some serene backgrounds. I called these images the “Magnificent Chuck” series. They were super simple and quick to do. The reason I thought these might work as ad’s, was because Chuck talking smack, being funny, and loud exemplifies the mold a lot of our ideal players try to fit.


On the other end of the spectrum, I created a series of images that went with the concept “If you can do this task, then you belong here”. Nicknames are huge in the sports world.The are usually earned, sometimes they are self-given. As a fan, knowing the nickname of player creates this a feeling similar to being ‘in’ on a joke. Being more connected to the player and team than people that don’t know the nicknames of all the players. Superiority and pride. This second series of images “Nicknames”, focused on getting people that are connected in interested enough in sports to know the nicknames of players into Chucksports. I took images of a number of players from the four major sports found in Chucksports, blacked them out so you only see a silhouette, and wrote their nicknames on the bottom. If you can name the player’s real name using the nickname and sport as clues, than we have a game for you.


To wrap it all up, I made a website that we could use as a place to direct potential players that want more info, and just as importantly, a place for them to send feedback from. I used large banner images that displayed what Chucksports was at it’s core to try to hook players in, and below, smaller bullet notes about specific features that were the most interesting bits of Chucksports.

You can view the website here

That wraps up the Chucksports series of articles. I really enjoyed working and playing this game. I wish it was still around, maybe we’ll bring it back some time. If you got here without seeing the first two articles, check ’em out. Concept Development and Visual Development