Have miner update! (lol)
Got the model unwrapped and rendered. I really like putting all my models on Sketchfab. It’s a pretty awesome website. Most of the stuff is placeholder stuff I put ingame, other are WIPs, and this guy’s a little combo of both. He’s the main character, so I will most likely be coming back to him to polish it up.

I Used 3DSMax to create the high poly geometry to which I applied VRay materials render-to-texture’d to a lower (7.1k tri) poly character. This was a good first pass at the VRay-Material-to-Color workflow. I think it will save a lot of time in the long term, compared to hand painting the textures. There are certainly lots of little bugs with the render-to-texture, but I will only be fixing those that are immediately noticeable from the ingame camera angles. Since the assets appear so small ingame, fixing them isn’t a high priority at the moment.

After rendering the UVW map, I tinkered with colors in Photoshop. Adding some blue to the shadows, and a warmer blue to the highlights using masks. By adjusting the levels on a mask, I was able to pick the darkest shadows and add some color to them to simulate some more bounced light, and lighten the overall appearance. I used a High Pass filter + levels modification to select out the highlights and expose them a little more to emphasis some crisp edges.

Here’s the before + after of the diffuse texture for the Miner.


Yay! Miner complete and ingame!


Cya soon with Dungeon Entrance models!