I went about creating my 3d model in a way I thought might work, and would allow me to get away with a very simple, low poly geometry. I was wrong. The model shown below cannot be rigged and animated with out completely screwing up in some poses. So after trying to rig my 3d character to bones and animate him about 6-7 times, I asked for some help. The help directed me to study topology lessons on the internet. EDGE LOOPS! It seems the ideal way to model is having edge loops that follow human anatomy and human muscles.


Here are some poses. I had the most trouble with the obliques and shoulder muscles. This was super irritating.


Here’s the updated model. I haven’t rigged him yet, but I have high hopes. He has a little more detail and form, and his edge loops have a pretty nice flow.


I definitely need to bring back the shape of the original head. That square shape is hilarious.