To ship our alpha, I worked on creating a rough UI Skin to apply to the game’s UI. I wanted it to feel heavy, simple, and crafted. I wanted to use wood, steel, and dwarven motifs that we can often see in fantasy settings. The reason I liked the idea of a crafted + material is to continue the context and world created by the Mining Town ‘metagame’. The result ended up being pretty nice aesthetically, but a little more complex than desired.

A month or two later, we’re looking at beta. And I’m thinking that the UI needs to be much lighter in terms of number of elements and also visually. I want to keep the dwarven feel (angular, + embellishments). I want the ‘skin’ of the UI to be something I can create and tweak very quickly because it should be in a supporting role to the cool unique assets. Being able to whip up a basic modal quickly is essential for prioritizing more time in the higher-impact assets that the game needs. I like where it’s going, and have been getting a large chunk of the game’s UI already overhauled. It should be out in the next build alpha build!