A while back I was looking for a new project. Something fresh that I can focus energies onto. Hearthstone, Blizzards new online card game came out, and I was instantly hooked. I realized this game would be a competitive and eSports success, and saw it as an opportunity to help build a game’s competitive community from the ground up. I contacted many different websites and communities who’s game of choice was Hearthstone, looking to give a hand where I could. ManaGrind was one of the bunch I emailed, and the first thing we busted out was a new logo.


There was a pre-existing ManaGrind logo and we did not want to stray too far from it, so I created some iterations to evaluate and talk about. We ended up rolling with a logo that is really a combination of all of the rough iterations put into one, and I really like how it turned out.


The logo can be broken down into pieces that stand on their own, and styled to fit any image that the logo is placed on. This ability made it very easy to create small, clear icons (Twitter, youtube, etc), web page headers and advertisements, and alternative logos for other parts of the ManaGrind community.


I used the logo to create a graphic advertisement for the ManaGrind Open, a weekly tournament held for both NA and EU Hearthstone. If I could, I would make the wispy stuff animated and eminating from the mana gem inside the gear. That would be bad-ass. Anyone know how to do that, want to teach me?


A version of the ManaGrind logo can be seen in the Manacast logo. Manacast is the weekly video that discusses the competitive state of Hearthstone, and is watched by thousands of gamers looking to develop their skills each week. Along with this logo was a whole Twitch.tv overlay, which you can see on the videos on Youtube. Oh, also the Youtube header, ya, lots of stuff.

When the Manacast videos are finished, they’re uploaded to Youtube. I created a quick intro for the videos to give them a lead-in and add some production value to the videos. This was the first time I had used After Effects, but some amazing tutorials over at Video Copilot helped me pick up the program quickly.

We’re just getting started at ManaGrind, and 2014 will be a huge year for the community, and for Hearthstone.