A friend of mine, Alvin, approached me with the desire to make a game about having a beard license. Something which you used to have back in the day because some mean guy thought facial hair was distasteful. To mock previously mentioned mean guy, Alvin and I created License 2 Beard. A side-scrolling runner in which the user plays the roll of a weird naked guy with a beard-sword who’s mission seems to be to run from the imaginative authority for as long as possible. Along the way the player has to avoid some weird green stuff seeping onto the street, an angry old Italian barber who seems to continuously get in your way, and a large, bazooka wielding black woman. Alvin found the ideal soundtrack for the game, and with permission from the original artist, was allowed to put it into the build.

Play License 2 Beard

Developed in Unity, programmed by Alvin Phu, and art by me!


Needless to say, we did not take this game seriously, but it was a serious amount of fun. It’s stupid simple, and took us about 2 days to, using the word loosely, develop. Our goal was ‘to finish something’. We wanted to achieve the goal as quickly, as simply, and with as much fun as we could. This was a great exercise because we walked away feeling like champs because we were able to attain the original goal. Within the game industry, it generally takes years to call a game finished and in some cases games are never finished, they’re released then built upon. L2B’s scope was small from the start because Alvin and I wanted to ‘release’ something, to just ‘make a game’, and not deal with all the other crap.