In Ruins of Glitterdeep, the player scrolls down on their screen to descend into a great, ancient dwarven mine. As they scroll they are presented mine entrances which will act as the ‘mission nodes’. When tapped, the entrances allow the player to enter the mines and recover ancient dwarven treasures. Here’s an early sketch of the metagame setting. A small town atop a mountain at the mouth of Glitterdeep Mines.


My goal here, is to create a contextual setting for the game, that will feel like a story to the player, and work as a restriction that will help us develop ideas and think of creative solutions to the game’s designs.

Anyways, the entrances. We needed three entrances to start. Locked, Unlocked, Completed. I’m thinking that we’ll need special ‘boss’ dungeon entrances, or maybe more descriptive entrances that signify the types of bad guys and puzzles you’ll find inside. Or we could leave all that to some UI display.


It’s important that the Unlocked and Completed missions are visually distinct even if you squint, so I added a bright light in the cave, as if to say “it’s all clear in here, light are on, come dig some gems!”. The Locked missions were simple, throw some boards up! The people fleeing the mines boarded up the entrances to keep the bad guys in, or something.

Here’s an extra shot I took that I thought was neat.