Steam Summer Sale 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2013

10th of June, 2013

I have never bought a game during the Steam Summer Sale. I have a backlog of games I “just HAVE to play” that stretches longer than a 5 year old’s Christmas list. However, there are a few games that I have had my eye on and if the price is right, I will scoop up. What’s that short list? You asked because you’re oh too polite. Well let me tell you! Without having played the games myself, the descriptions are bound to be slightly inaccurate.


In FTL, you assume the role of Captain in a spaceship. You’re goal is to survive, and be the mightiest captain you can be. I’ve heard many great things of this game’s simplicity in presentation but difficulty to master. From what I can tell this game was a great success especially considering it was developed by only two people, but I’m not sure why yet. The screenshots do not look at that appealing, loads of buttons, tons of colors, and no one thing that attracts my attention. The images lead me to believe there are lots of parts to micromanage to ensure victory and survival of my crew which is off putting, but hopefully all the bits and pieces are introduced in a manner that allows you to master one at a time. I’m pumped to board enemy ships leading the aliens to assume I come in peace only to blast them with my laser guns, to build and upgrade my ship by with the remains of my mutilated enemies, and see what all the hub bub was about albeit a year late.

Current Price: $9.99

Would buy for: $4.99 (50% Off)



Like FTL, in XCOM you’re leading a crew of sci-fi bad asses into a turn-based battle against aliens. You’re ultimate goal is to fend of the invasion. You do this by capturing aliens and learning their weaknesses to develop better technology and battle strategies. Sick! I was going to get this game on day one until I found out that it was a full $60 dollar game. Created by the developers of Civilization(one of my first computer games), Firaxis, this game seems pretty high budget from the trailer and screenshots so I am optimistic on the overall quality. The one feature that really calls my attention is the perma-death. If one of your crew members falls in battle, they’re gone for good. As the leader, you develop a connection with your crew because you’re constantly fighting with them, learning with them, and building their abilities up. All for nothing if the die. Yea! No mercy! I guess you also build up a XCOM Headquaters, but that seems glossed over in the steam page, so I don’t know what to expect there.

Current Price: $39.99

Would buy for: $29.99 (25% Off)



Look at those colors. Damn. Bioshock Infinite has to be one of the most visually appealing game’s I’ve ever seen, and that’s only from screenshots and TV commercials. I recently finished Bioshock 1 and was left pumped up for number 3. I’m going to skip 2, because it was developed by a different team, and seems a bit lack luster compared to what the original created. Listing the reasons I want to play this game could take too much of everyone’s time, bottom line is play Bioshock 1 ($20) if you haven’t. The reason I have yet to play it? I guess I keep forgetting about it in my frenzy of work, but at the right price, I will pick this game up and make time to play it.

Current Price: $59.99

Would buy for: $39.99 (33% Off)

Let’s hope Steam decides to hit these three games with the sale-stick. I will definitely report back with my thoughts on these three games when I get the chance to play them, because everyone want’s to hear what game artist thinks, right?