Hey! My first post that include day-job work!

We’ve been in soft launch for a while, and figured it’s fine to post this sort of stuff now.
As we move nearer to hard launch, a lot of the features are wrapping up, and I’m spending more time polishing existing screens to make them a bit more emotionally impactful. Let’s check out the victory screen. This screen celebrates the player’s good work, and is the first thing they see after eliminating another player’s Headquaters or finishing a Campaign Mission. I want it to be fun, have a lot of energy (Shit yea, you just won!), and minimal information (seeing stats and info here will counter-act the emotional high of winning).

This was the first edition of the Victory screen, which was shipped with Soft Launch version 1.

Not seen here, are the animations. There’s a large burst at the top of the screen, followed by the Stars the player earned slamming and flashing into place. Then the rewards would appear and the digits would count up, revealing the reward details. At the bottom, a recap of what the player spent to acquire this victory.

The first impression of this screen is that it’s very blocky, the value range is minimal, the soft green background is relaxing and low-key. The overall design feels like reading a book. Top down, left-to-right. The animation not seen in this screen shot is nice and impactful, but after the animation the rest of the screen does not continue that idea. Lets. AMP. IT. UP.


Get that title “Annihilation” outta here. Reading is for nerds. Destruction %? You too. OUT! Crank up the size of those rewards. YOU GOT REWARDS, YOU WON! Make your troop list smaller, who really cares about that. Go train some more troops, you’re a Dictator, remember?

So I got rid of as much text as I could. Grouped and scaled the textures so that there is a visual priority instead of looking like a designer’s spreadsheet. By scaling the stars and currency images up, the player focuses on the awesome things they were rewarded, and less so on the quantities or meanings behind those items. The darker background really punches up the bright colors and particle effects, increasing the energy of the screen. I created a gradient from the top of the screen, Yellow and orange, to the bottom, blue and silver, that helps lead the player’s eyes around the UI. The Blue banner behind the stars connects all three stars together, as well as prevents the top from feeling too dominated by yellow while also connecting with the blue at the bottom of the screen.

That’s all for now, more to come in the future!